Daniela Bertol - making circles in the icosahedron Daniela Bertol - making pentagons in the icosahedron Daniela Bertol - making squares in the icosahedron

"The movement practices in the different prototypes of the movement infrastructure, always based on the icosahedron, share commonalities but also inspire different sequences of postures. The physical structure leads to geometric explorations, which often arise as improvisations. My body is used as a means to explore not only the overall form of the icosahedron, but also all the potential geometric configurations inspired by the spherical symmetry of the polyhedron. Transformations belonging to the realm of geometry are performed by my body: arms and legs extensions and rotations, as well as twists and bends from different anatomical joints, lead to visualized ephemeral geometric shapes which exist in time, but do not leave any permanent trace in space.(Bertol 2017, p. 77-78)."

Bertol, Daniela. 2017. Form mind body space time - the geometry of human movement. Doctoral Dissertation.
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HEALING GEOMETRY by Daniela Bertol

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movement infrastructure presented at:
New York Maker Faire 2016: "Making Moves"
maker faire European Edition 2017, Rome