Il Corpo e lo Spazio | 2011- 2015

A collection of videos recordings about the relationship between body, movement and surrounding space-framed by a geometric reference system. The recordings span a period of five years and geographically three continents, North America, Europe and Australia. One of the videos was part of an experience in Virtual Reality environment, using electroencelography (EEG) and motion capture; data has not been analyzed yet. The title is inspired by an Italian translation of 1964 Heidegger's lecture "Bemerkungen zu Kunst - Plastik - Raum" at the art gallery 'im Erker' in St. Gallen
Finding Geometries in the Icosahedron at Home

Finding the Axis Mundi on the Dog Rocks at Sunrise | 20160224

Finding the Axis Mundi by the Atlantic Ocean in Atlantic City at Sunrise | 20160627

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movement infrastructure presented at:
New York Maker Faire 2016 "Making Moves"
maker faire European Edition 2017, Rome