Movement with Spirals and Icosahedron Vitruvian Man (Uomo Vitruviano) by Leonardo da Vinci Vitruvian Man (Uomo Vitruviano) by Leonardo da Vinci

For thousand years geometry has been a means of understanding the cosmos as well as a presence in the human-made world, both in its design and making. The beauty of geometry can be an answer to the human search for meaning and provide cognitive and behavioral models.

HEALING GEOMETRIES is a theory and praxis on meditation and embodiment of geometry as copying mechanism to mental, emotional and physical stress, spanning from psychosomatic practices to design products - where the mind-body connection is guided by geometric configurations.

HEALING GEOMETRIES is targeted to the wellness industry and based on the 'Movement Infrastructure', developed as a moving meditation system for the doctoral research "Form Mind Body Space Time - the Geometry of Human Movement ".
Centering the body becomes a means of centering the mind:
mindful movement is a spiritual practice with a vocabulary based on yoga asanas.

HEALING GEOMETRIES also includes a collection of body ornaments based on sacred geometry.

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